A Perfect History

Plan It Perfect was founded in 2004 by Cate (Buscher) Paris. Through the years, her team grew to include Rachel Hoffberger, formerly an accomplished construction manager in the Baltimore area. Her project management expertise and creative drive made her the perfect person to direct Plan It Perfect when Cate decided to venture into the catering side of the event industry in 2009. Jess Pasko now partners with Rachel to form a dynamic planning duo.

The Orchid is Plan It Perfect’s signature flower. There are a myriad of species of orchids,
but each one has characteristics that are indicative of fabulous event planners.

Steady. Engaging. Robust. Adaptive. Charming. Consistent.

Thriving in any environment, an orchid is the collaborative force behind the beauty in any floral arrangement.

Rachel Hoffberger

Since her days as a construction manager, Rachel worked as an event coordinator and catering sales associate at some in-house catered venues before landing at Plan It Perfect. What led Rachel to her career in events were her educational background in art and architectural design and her innate creativity with her meticulous quality control to provide her clients with a worry-free event that they can enjoy.

“My favorite article of clothing is my skinny jeans! I love that I can dress them up or down, and I can always find something to wear with them, even when I’m in a hurry. My favorite cocktail is Ananda Restaurant’s ‘Singh 75.’ House-infused vodka with tangerine and cloves, fresh mint, house-made sour mix, and Prosecco. Yum!”

Rachel’s favorite type of orchid is the Phaleanopsis – Consistently displaying delicate elegance while influencing the shape and appeal of every arrangement.

Jess Pasko

Jess has been in the event industry her entire adult life.  Hospitality is in her bones, which makes her an excellent asset to her clients.  With restaurant and catering experience under her belt, she started her own planning company in 2019, and began teaming up with Plan It Perfect shortly thereafter. In 2023, Jess joined Plan It Perfect officially as Rachel’s business partner, broadening the company’s ability to help make special events a reality for so many wonderful people.

“I love to sing, travel, and spend time in the water.  The beach and concerts are my two happy places!”

Jess’s favorite type of orchid is a Monkey Face Orchid, because, well, it looks like a Monkey face!! Plus, she has a niece she calls “Monkey.”

The Plan It Perfect Team

It is important to Plan It Perfect that our clients have the support of a cohesive team. Whether they are assisting Rachel or Jess on an event, or taking the lead along with another associate at the helm, these ladies are Rachel and Jess’s trusted foundation of Event Specialists.

Kim Smith

Kim is a mom of 3 who dedicates much of her time to caring for her family. While attending a wedding in 2009 with Plan It Perfect’s own Cate and Rachel, Kim shared her love of all things “Weddings,” and began her tenure as Associate Coordinator with the team.

“I find a lot of comfort from my 2-3 weekly gym sessions. It’s helped me get in better shape and relieve stress. Another favorite pastime is building Lego sets. I particularly enjoy architectural sets, as well as the newer flower sets.”

Kim’s favorite type of orchid is the Miltoniopsis. This flower not only smells like heaven, but they also look dainty and delicate.

Cate (Buscher) Paris

Cate has enjoyed the past 15+ years in the event industry, building a solid background in catering, venue management, and event planning. Her work has been featured on television and radio, and she has shared her expertise in numerous regional and national publications. A team player, Cate loves collaborating with clients and vendors to create the perfect day. Cate focuses more of her time outside of the event industry these days, but we honor her by including her as a fixture on the team.

“I am a huuuuuge fan of food. My friends joke that when they put out a cheese tray, it really just becomes my plate. Karaoke is another favorite pastime; I may or may not have a list of songs that I add to every time I hear a song that I think I can rock!”

Cate’s favorite type of orchid is the Dendrobium — delicate and hearty, these flowers can enhance an arrangement or be the star of the show.


Ananda Restaurant

Plan It Perfect serves as the in-house event coordinator at Ananda Restaurant and Peerce’s. Contact us today for more information about hosting a special event at Ananda or Peerce’s, where you’ll find the Baltimore / Washington DC area’s finest Indian cuisine.

Allow us to brag about Ananda:
Baltimore Magazine’s top 50 restaurants
Washingtonian Magazine’s 100 Very Best Restaurants
GQ Magazine’s 25 Most Outstanding Restaurants (Nationwide)
And more!

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