How to Include People Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding

As we plan special events, particularly weddings, we often have our guests in mind.  Does anyone have special needs for access?  Are there dietary restrictions that need to be considered?  But we also think about the loved ones who aren’t able to attend.  And it can be just as important to some people to make […]

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Katie and Andrew’s Rainbow Wedding

I want to talk to you guys about Katie & Andrew’s rainbow wedding. I know what you’re thinking. It must have looked a bit like a Mitzvah. Not at all! It was fabulous, and you have to see it. First, I want to tell you a little bit about Katie. She is brilliant. She’s remarkably […]

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Nazi-Chic weddings are a Thing in Asia

So I want to talk with you about these Nazi-chic weddings in East Asia.  (I say that casually, like it’s a normal discussion that we’re having at my coffee table.) I try to make all my blog posts relevant to Plan It Perfect’s work, or at least to events in general.  This topic grabbed my […]

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Enough with the degrading cake toppers

Stop with the kitschy cake toppers We’ve had plenty of weddings with quirky cake toppers. In fact, quirk is what we do best! Not one, but TWO of our clients have had dinosaurs as their cake toppers.   One couple had hippos (adorable!) and a few others had likenesses of themselves. In fact, our first […]

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Wedding Math: Time & Space, and how they work in real life

If you’ve never planned a large event before, you probably haven’t made it through the learning curve of “Event Math.”  You might think it takes 5 minutes to get from your hotel to the venue.  It doesn’t.  It never does.  You also might think that it takes a few seconds to tie that pretty little […]

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Everything You’ll Need To Do Within A Month Of Your Wedding

If you don’t want to go completely insane during the last few weeks before your wedding – and you don’t want to drag everyone to insanity with you – you’ll need to avoid the last-minute crunch. This means budgeting your time accordingly throughout the planning process and not procrastinating. There are a handful of things […]

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