A small-time wedding planner’s big thoughts on a Royal Wedding:

I’m just an event planner from Baltimore, so what do I know about putting together a wedding of royal proportions? Maybe more than we all think, but I do know that I have plenty of opinions about this morning’s Royal Wedding.

Here are 10 of them:

  1. Those flowers and that greenery at the church!! OMG!

    Photo Courtesy of Daily Express
  2. As a former student of architecture and as someone who appreciates all styles of architecture in general, I’m grateful the cameras panned out, up, and around so much. What a dramatic setting for a wedding! Not to mention, great eye candy for all the guests seated back in the nave who were unable to see the wedding itself.

    Photo courtesy of royal.uk
  3. I love that they incorporated some things from each of their lives. Of course, the British/Royal customs were adhered to, but it very much felt like Meghan also had her input where appropriate. Her best decision, I think, was her personal selection of the cellist who performed immediately following the nuptials.
    Watch the video of part of his performance here
  4. They know what the crowd wants, and they gave it to them. I often tell my clients that it’s important to find the balance between doing what YOU want, and making sure your guests are also happy. Every detail was planned so that not only their guests could enjoy, but also the spectators throughout Windsor. For example, the carriage they chose for their departure was deliberately selected for its openness and for its height, so they can be seen. Not a vain decision, in my opinion, but a considerate one.

    Photo courtesy of People
  5. Let’s talk about Meghan’s processional. Many media outlets are describing her solo walk down the first half of the aisle as some bold feminist statement. Well that’s a nice idea if you’re trying to sell papers and get more clicks. But it seems to me that Meghan was doing what worked for her. And that’s it. But I LOVE that she asked her future father-in-law to escort her the rest of the way. And he was honored to do it. After all, they are family now, so what’s the point of her side / his side? Bottom line: this is what made her feel comfortable, and that’s great. Side note: THOSE KIDS!! So well behaved, so adorable, and so many of them! Check out this page boy’s excitement when the horns start to play the dramatic processional music:

    Photo from my iPhone, Today Show CoverageAnd then the Soprano starts signing.  Oh My Goodness! What a goosebump-enducing voice she has.  So angelic, and exactly what this regal walk down the aisle calls for. Perfection!
  6. Meghan’s hair and makeup. I loved her makeup. She loves her freckles, as she should, and she showed them today. The soft nude lips and gentle Smokey eye gave the perfect balance between natural and drama. I can say the same about her hair. I’m sure the part that we couldn’t see, under the veil, was an intricate structure of her long mahogany locks. And I’m sure it took lots of work. But the part that we could see, in front of the tiara and veil, was very understated. An imperfect middle part. And even some loose tendrils that were casually tucked behind her ears. It seemed very “her.”
  7. Her dress. We expected something simple for her, but what I didn’t anticipate was the fit of the dress. I expected something more form-fitting like the fit of Kate’s wedding dress. It was lovely, but I’m still on the fence about whether or not I enjoyed it. But that train! It made up for the simplicity of the dress. I love that it stayed put on the aisle throughout the ceremony.

    Photo courtesy of Vox
  8. There was a lot of speculation prior to the wedding about whether or not Harry would shave his beard this morning. I’m so relieved that he didn’t. He’s had it for several years, as he hasn’t been on active military duty for quite some time. Important rule: If you’ve had a beard for a while, your wedding day is NOT the day to shave it off. I can think of a couple reasons. First, shaving an area for the first time in a while can cause skin irritation like redness and bumps. No thank you! Second, he’s pale under there! This ginger prince is not afraid to spend time in the sun, as is evident by his rosy cheeks… above the beard line, that is. But below that line lives practically virgin skin that has not seen the light of day in years. Glad he kept it under wraps.
  1. Those looks they gave each other is why I love to send couples down the aisle. You can see the love they have for each other, and it’s magical. The moment her veil was pulled back. *swoon*

    Photo courtesy of Today Show
  2. One of my favorite things about weddings is how handsy some couples get. Love is in the air, and it’s contagious. Cameras caught one guest pulling his wife close to him as soon as guests began to stand up as the ceremony ended. It was a tiny glimpse into what I see on a regular basis at weddings. There’s something about witnessing a new love and the union of two people in that love, that makes wedding guests feel empowered to publicly display their own love for one another. It might just be a quick embrace like the one I saw this morning, or it could be a full-on booty-grab like I often see at local weddings. The moral of the story is weddings make people feel saucy!

    Photo from my iPhone, Today Show Coverage

Bonus thoughts:

The minister from Chicago — Could not have been a more perfect sermon, in my opinion.

Stand By Me!  Need I say more?



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