AVAM Wedding Happy Hour – We did a thing

The American Visionary Art Museum has been one of our favorite venues for many years.  Sure, there’s a family connection. (The founder of the museum is my grandfather’s cousin’s ex-wife, and my grandfather’s cousin was instrumental in getting the museum built and opened.) But there’s so much more than that, that keeps this place close […]

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Baltimore NACE Fundraiser… Holy Moly, WE WON!

Anyone who has known me professionally for the past 10 years as a wedding planner is very aware of one thing I am vehemently dedicated to:  The National Association for Catering and Events. (NACE) NACE is how I truly got my start in the event industry. I owe not only a majority of the business […]

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Advice: Money-Saving Tips, Debunked (Part One)

I read a lot of blogs about weddings and events, particularly the ones that give helpful tips.  I’m curious to know what other advice is out there, besides the insight I am sharing.  Some of it is great, and I add it to my own catalogue of advice.  And then there’s the stuff that I […]

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Advice: How to Make the Most Out of Your Dress Shopping Experience

Shopping for a wedding dress can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many options, and you might not even know where to start! So I’m going to get you started in the right direction with my top 10 tips for wedding dress shopping: 1: Bring pictures of dresses you like with you when you go […]

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That Time When… I Engineered Some Wedding Decor

When I revealed to my parents that I was giving up my career in construction management to be a wedding planner, they had two major reactions. The first was, “You’re throwing away your education.” The second was, “You’re giving up so much of your personal life. You won’t have time on weekends to be with […]

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That Time When… That Big Catastrophe Happened

I have the best clients. I really do. I even love the ones who drive me crazy. Only my clients would flip out about a snafu beyond anyone’s control, blame me for the whole thing, and end the conversation by telling me they love me. The bonds I form with my clients are imperative to […]

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